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Wants vs. needs

How to be realistic and decide what can give

Many first time buyers have a hard time understanding the difference between a need and a want. Sure a luxury ensuite bathroom is nice but it's not really a need. If you often have out of town guests, a spare guest room might be considered a need. Depending on your financial situation it may be possible to achieve all of your wants and needs. Most often than not, you have to decide what you are willing to compromise on and what you're not. By having a better idea going into the home search process, you'll be better equipped to make decisions based on your housing requirements.

Use the checklist below to determine what your needs and wants are and it can be even filled out and emailed to me so I will have a better idea as well. You can send 2 copies if you wish. One for needs and one for wants. 

Be realistic and I'm certain that you will be able to find a home you love, even if it doesn't have marble floors.


Margaret Baker

Saskatoon Real Estate Agent

Century 21 Fusion