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Area 9

Delisle - Delisle is located 45 km southwest of Saskatoon. The population is at 975 people with most commuting to Saskatoon and working in the nearby mine for employment. Delisle has a wide variety of services and town recreational facilities as well as hosting the school division's largest high school. There also is an elementary school. For further information, please visit the town's website located here

Pike Lake - The community of Pike Lake is adjacent to Pike Lake Provincial Park and is 32 km south west of Saskatoon.  It's a small residential community consisting of year round residents who mostly commute into the city for employment. The Provincial Park offers a waterpark, campground, golf course and is a popular destination due to it's proximity to Saskatoon. The Pike Lake community has a school and rec centre for amenities. Information on the park can be located here.

Rosetown - Rosetown is located approximately 115 km from Saskatoon and has a population of 2,317. It's largely an agricultural industry town. There is an elementary and secondary school located within the town as well as Prairie West Regional College. Rosetown offers all major amenities and services.  The town's website is located here for more information.

Vanscoy - Vanscoy is between Saskatoon and Delisle on highway 7. Vanscoy has a population of 336 with the residents mostly communting to Saskatoon for employment or working at the local mine. They offer a K-8 school and further education is offered in the nearby town of Delisle. They have a few services available and offer a rink, hall, and area for recreational facilities. More information on the town of Vanscoy can be found here.