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Area 8

Allan - Allan is located approximately 60 km SE of Saskatoon. The town has a population of 648 where most either work for the nearby mines or take the short commute to Saskatoon. There is a K-12 school as well as a pool, golf course, rec centre, rink, bank, car wash, hotel, and various other amenities. For more information on Allan, please visit their website located here.

Blackstrap - The community of Blackstrap is directly east of the town of Dundurn and houses a provincial park with a man made lake, campground, and man made lake. The Blackstrap area has two communities on the lake, Shields and Thode. There also is a group of estates called Skyview Estates. Thode is located on the NW shore while Shields is located on the NE shore and is slightly larger. Both communities are mainly year round housing. Information for the village of Shields can be found here while information on Thode can be found here.

Bradwell - Bradwell is a small town just 36 km SE of Saskatoon. Population for Bradwell is around 230 people with most either commuting to Saskatoon or working at the nearby mines. It is located between Clavet and Allan.

Clavet - Clavet is a small village, 18 km E of Saskatoon on highway 16. There are 386 residents and most people commute and work in Saskatoon or the neighbouring mine. They have a rink, gas station, motel, restaurant, and a K-12 school. For more information, please visit their website located here.

Colonsay - Colonsay is located 35 minutes E of Saskatoon on the Yellowhead Highway (16). They have 475 residents, mostly employed at the local mine or in the agricultural field. Amenities are few in Colonsay but they do have a swimming pool and sports centre.  Please visit the town's website locate here for further information.

Dundurn - Dundurn is approximately 42 km S from Saskatoon on highway 11 and is the home for close to 650 people. The town offers a K-6 school wherein the attending students get bused to Hanley to finish their schooling. There are a few services including a gas station, restaurant, repair shops, and rink. Dundurn is host to the Canadian Forces Camp Dundurn and is just outside Blackstrap Provincial Park. For more information on Dundurn, please visit their website located here.

Grasswood/Furdale - Grasswood is an unincorporated hamlet located just south of Saskatoon's city limits. Furdale is located to the west in the RM of Corman Park. It is comprised of mostly residential acreages as well as a small industrial area. It's very close to Saskatoon's Stonebridge area 

Hanley - Hanley is located 65 km south of Saskatoon with a population of 522. They have a K-12 school and offers a variety of services to it's residences. The town of Hanley's website is located here.

Outlook - Outlook is approximately 80 km SW of Saskatoon, located along the South Saskatchewan River just downstream from the Gardiner Dam. Outook's population is 2,204 people and most residents work close to the community. Outlook has an elementary school, high school, and Lutheran Bible College. Most major services and amenities can be found here. Located within the town is also Outlook Regional Park which has a pool, campground, and golf course. More information on Outlook can be found here.

Watrous - Watrous is located 100 km east of Saskatoon. With a population of 1,857, their economy is based on agriculture and tourism with the proximity to Manitou Beach and home of the Mineral Spa and Danceland dance hall. Most major services and amenities can be found here as well as a K-7 and 8-12 school, hospital, and the Carleton Trail Regional College. More information on the town can be found here.