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Area 6

Asquith - Asquith is located approximately 33 km west from Saskatoon on Highway 14. The population is close to 600 people with the majority of those commuting to Saskatoon for employment or working in the nearby mine. Asquith has a K-12 school and many amenities including gas stations, a hotel, sports grounds, and is situated close to Eagle Creek Regional Park. For more information on the town, please visit the town's website located here

Borden - The village of Borden is located 25 minutes NW of Saskatoon.  It's closely situated to the North Saskatchewan River. The population is 245 and houses a K-12 school as well as a number of services and businesses including a Community Health Centre. For more information on the village, please visit their website located here.

Dalmeny - Dalmeny is located 12 minutes NW of Saskatoon close to the City of Martensville. Dalmeny offers two schools- a K-6 and a 7-12 school within the town. They also have their own police service that works in part with the RCMP. Population of the town is now over 1,200 with most commuting to Saskatoon for employment. The town offers many services and amenities including a bank, pharmacy, restaurants, and grocery store. For more information on Dalmeny, please visit their website located here

Duck Lake - Duck Lake is 88 km north of Saskatoon and 44 km south of Prince Albert located just south of the Nisbit Forest. Duck Lake has a population of 577 and was historically the location of the Battle of Duck Lake between the Metis and the Government of Canada. The neighbouring town of Stobart offers K-12 schooling while the town itself offers a variety of services such as a Credit Union, grocery store, restaurants, car repair shops, a nursing home, pharmacy, and many other businesses. More information can be found here.

Hague - Hague is located 40 km north of Saskatoon on the double lane highway 11. With a population of 878, Hague has offers a K-12 school, arena (with hockey and curling), grocery store, hardware store, Credit Union, post office, two restaurants, three gas stations, and a vehicle dealership named Valley Ford to name a few. For more information on the town of Hague, visit here.

Hepburn - Hepburn is approximately 45 km NW from Saskatoon. The population of Hepburn is 562 and the town opened up a new subdivision to support the new arrivals in town. Hepburn is home to Bethany Bible College and also a K-12 school. The town offers many services as well and even has a local bowling alley. For more information on the town of Hepburn, please visit their website located here.

Langham - The town of Langham is located 27 km NW of Saskatoon on highway 16. The population is well over 1,100 and the population is expected to double by 2018. Langham has two schools, a K-5 and 6-12 school which services the neighbouring communities. Most services and conveniences can be found here.  For more information on the town, please visit their website located here.

Martensville - The city of Martensville is located only 8 km N of Saskatoon on highway 12. It has been named the second fastest growing municipality of 5,000 or more in all of Canada and reached it's City's status in 2009 with a population of 7716 people recored in 2011. Martensville offers a high school and 2 elementary schools as well as all the modern day amenities found in any small city. For more information on the City click here.

Rosthern - Rosthern is located roughly half way between Saskatoon and Prince Albert along highway 11. Rosthern has a population of 1,572 and is home to 3 schools- elementary, high school, and private Rosthern Junior College. Many major services and amenities can be found here and the town is close to Valley Regional Park which offers an 18 hole golf course and swimming pool.  More information can be obtained by visiting their website located here.

Warman - The city of Warman is located 20 km N of Saskatoon on highway 11 and is often referred to as a bedroom community of Saskatoon. In 2011, the population reached 7,084 and in 2012 the town had reached City status. Warman offers 3 schools - a K-3, a brand new grade 4-7 school, and the high school serves grades 8-12. All the major conveniences can be found in the city. The City of Warman's website is located here.

Waldheim - Located 30 minutes north of Saskatoon, Waldheim has a population of around 1,035 people. They have a new curling and hockey rink and a K-12 school. Waldeim offers a library, rec centre, pharmacy, numerous trades, restaurants, and retail services. The town of Waldheim's website is located here.