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Area 7

Aberdeen - Aberdeen is located approximately 40 km northeast of Saskatoon in the RM of Fish Creek. According to the last census, there are close to 600 residents in the town and the majority of people either commute to Saskatoon for work or farm in the area. The town has a K-12 school, and a newly built Rec Complex which houses the town's library, curling rink, ice rink, dance studio, bowling alley, music room, and meeting rooms. For more information, please visit the town's website located here

Cudworth - This town is located 85 km northeast of Saskatoon in a hilly and partially forested area called the Aspen Parkland Biome. The population is 770 and serves a larger agricultural community. The town has a K-12 school as well as 60 local businesses as well as a municipal airport. More information on the town can be found here.

Prud'homme - The village is located 60 km northeast of Saskatoon. Prud'homme is largely made up of Ukrainian, Hungarian, Polish, and Fransaskois populations with a population of 172 at the last census. Although the amenities in the village are few, the neighbouring towns of Vonda and Cudworth are close enough to provide everything you might need.  Visit the villages's website located here.

Vonda - Vonda is a short 1/2 drive from Saskatoon on highway 27. It is home to a French language K-12 school while the neighbouring town of Aberdeen provides K-12 education in English.  Services include a rink, Co-op, hotel, and many other local businesses. Population sits around 322 people. For more information, please visit the town's website located here.

Wakaw - Wakaw is located about halfway between Saskatoon and Prince Albert in the hilly and forested Aspen Parkland Biome. The town has a nearby lake appropriately named Wakaw Lake.  The town has 985 residents while the lake has around 800 cabins, some occupied year round. Businesses in the town include a gas station, restaurants, insurance agencies, tanning, grocery store, pharmacy, salon, and other amenities including a K-12 school. The town's website is located here.